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AOC & Philips Monitor Warranty Policy

1. Standard Three-Year Warranty

AOC and Philips monitors are covered by three-year warranty from the date of purchase. This entitles the dealers and/or customers to have their monitors repaired by Multi Media Display Philippines, Inc.’s (MMD-PH) Customer Service Center in Las Piñas at no charge.

· For monitors that are covered by this three-year warranty policy, MMD-PH’s Customer Service Center have the option to do one of the following:

§ Repair and/or make good the defective product with new or remanufactured parts

§ Replace it with a new or remanufactured product. Replacement unit will be of the same age and condition of the replaced unit.

* MMD-PH shall not be held liable for items received with customer induced damages (CID) or physical defects such as scratches and/or dirt on the monitor itself, damaged box unit, etc. on.

2. Voided Warranty and/or Out-of Warranty Services

Warranty automatically becomes void if the product has been physically damaged or rendered defective.

i. As a result of accident, misuse, fire, lightning, malicious damage, water damage, abuse or other circumstances.

ii. As a result of normal wear and tear.

iii. By the use of parts or peripherals not authorized by manufacturer.

iv. By modification of the monitor.

v. If used in an improper operating environment.

vi. If the serial number or product code sticker of the monitor is removed/tampered/defaced.

vii. As a result of a service rendered by anyone other than MMD-PH Customer Service Center.

viii. As a result of the monitor not being operated in conformity with AOC and Philips monitor user manuals.

ix. Cosmetics issues arising from customer induced damage/s.

x. Cause by external liquid & external force.

MMD-PH Customer Service Officer shall automatically issue a technical report with a quotation for approval for void warranty and/or out-of warranty units brought to their attention.

3. Shipping Cost for Repair of In-Warranty Monitors

3.1. MMD-PH Customer Service Center shall extend RMA pull-out and delivery of repaired monitors within city limits.

3.2. Provincial dealers can enjoy two-way free freight for their RMA units by following “MMD-PH RMA Free-Freight Policy”.

3.3. End-users have the option to send (walk-in) their RMA monitors to MMD-PH Customer Service Center at Las Piñas.

Note: Other concerns such as DOA/OBF, dead pixel and/or replacement should be coursed through MMD-PH coordinator.

4. Replacements

MMD-PH agrees to replace monitor/s which is/are under one or more of the following circumstances:

4.1. Dead on Arrival (DOA) and/or Open Box failure (OBF). Monitors that are found to have functional defect for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of purchase from MMD-PH or seven (7) days from end-user purchase date, MMD-PH shall issue replacement unit, provided that the exterior of the monitor is in good condition, in its original packaging and with complete accessories.

4.2. Bright Dead Pixel. If the LCD panel is found to have more than - 3 bright dots, 3 dark dots or 5 dots (combination of bright & dark) within 30 calendar days from date of purchase, provided that the exterior of the LCD monitor is in good condition, in original packaging and has complete accessories. MMD-PH can opt to replace unit or replace LCD panel, whichever is available.

4.3. In-warranty monitors deemed not repairable. For reason of end-of-life or unavailable parts, replacement unit will be of the same age and condition as the RMA unit.


To request for RMA for AOC and Philips monitors, please follow the steps below:

1. Email RMA Request with complete details to Multi-Media Display Philippines, Inc.’s Customer Service Center (MMD-PH), details required are:

a. Model

b. Serial Number

c. Defect/Problem

d. Proof of Purchase/DR copy (Optional)

e. Picture of the reported problem

f. No box no pull out

g. No RMA Number – No Pull Out

Multi-Media Display Philippines, Inc.’s Customer Service Center:

Address: Multi Media Display Philippines, Inc. (WHSE #17) c/o AAI Worldwide Logistics

#108-F Marcos Alvarez Avenue Talon 1 Las Piñas City

For RMA Pull-Out / follow-up – Angel Talacay :

Mobile: +63-917-593-4235

Skype: ghel_030911

For Technical Support and other inquiries

Joel Caburnay –

Raymund Estelles –

Globe Mobile – +63-917-599-0545

MMD-PH Customer Service coordinator shall revert via email with RMA Number.

Note: Please have the items ready for checking and pull-out on the scheduled date.

2. RMA Pull-Out - Our Logistics Staff shall do initial physical check of the RMA item at your Site, accomplish the checklist and acknowledge receipt of item on RMA Pull-Out Request form (POR).

3. For concerns such as panel with scratches, broken panel or the likes, our Logistics Staff shall note them in the POR form and this notation must be countersigned by Dealer’s RMA Releasing Staff.

4. Customer is required to properly pack the goods prior to pick up. Open box is recommended to check actual physical condition of the unit/s.

5. MMD-PH RMA Staff shall arrange pull out with MMD-PH nominated forwarder.

6. MMD-PH nominated forwarder will check the following; any concerns, will note in the RMA form and will be countersigned by the customer representative.

7. MMD-PH will deliver/ ship back (free freight) repaired items to dealers. Turn-Around Time (TAT) is 7 working days.

Parts Warranty

· All replaced parts carry a limited three month warranty. Parts failing within 3 months of being replaced may be serviced for no charge even if the unit warranty has expired.

· Parts may include the likes of purchased accessories such as adaptor, VGA cable power cord, top stand, monitor base.

MMD-PH LCD Dead Pixel Policy

1.1. Despite the highest possible standards, the intricate manufacturing of liquid crystal display (LCD) screens may still produce slight visual imperfections. These visual imperfections do not impair the performance of LCD displays of monitors. However, MMD-PH will provide warranty service on LCD monitors when there are more than any of the following:

i. Three (3) bright dots

ii. Three (3) dark dots

iii. Five (5) mixed bright and dark dots

1.2. If any of the LCD exceeds the allowable dot or LCD dead pixel criteria, it should be reported within thirty (30) days from the date of purchase from MMD-PH.

1.3. MMD-PH cannot guarantee that any replacement LCD will have zero pixel defects. These LCD screen warranty conditions are offered by the LCD manufacturers.

1.4. A bright dot is a white or sub-pixel that is always on. A dark dot is a black or sub-pixel that is always off.

MMD-PH LCD Bright Dead Pixel Claim Process

MMD-PH shall honor bright dead pixel claims if within our 30-days Dead Pixel Policy

1. Dealer must report unit/s outside of the 3-3-5 Bright Dead Pixel Policy within 30 days from date of purchase to MMD-PH TAM. Details required are:

a. Dealer Name

b. Model

c. Serial Number

d. Bright LCD Dead Pixel Report*

e. Remarks (if any)

*Bright Dead Pixel Report must indicate the number of dots, the quadrant where the dot/s are found and the color of the dot/s. Please refer to below illustration:

2. Dealer shall email bright dead pixel report to MMD-PH coordinator for validation, i.e., if “Invoice date” is covered/within the 30-day Bright Dead Pixel Policy.

3. If the unit is within 30 days from date of purchase and is outside the 3-3-5 Bright Dead Pixel Policy, MMD-PH coordinator shall proceed to schedule pull-out of item/s.

4. If the unit is NOT within 30 days from date of purchase or not within the standard 3-3-5 Bright Dead Pixel Policy, TAM must communicate and reiterate LCD Bright Pixel Policy to dealers.

5. MMD-PH coordinator shall diagnose and check the validity of the reported dot problem and process replacement unit. Otherwise, he will inform TAM, who should properly communicate to the dealer for the “return-as-is” of the unit to them.

Note: Monitors reported to have functional defect but later on found to be for bright dead pixel claim (not covered by 30-day Bright Dead Pixel Policy) shall be returned-as-is to dealer/customer.

Please click the link below for warranty details:

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